About the Hotel

Hotel Yamburg is the only four-star hotel up to international standards in Novy Urengoy. The hotel has conformity certificate, presents high class accommodation services and reigns supreme in the minds of target clients. The hotel was built in 2008 in the town business center among LLC “Gazprom dobycha Yamburg” office building. Guests will enjoy the stylish luxury interior and simple clean design.

The well-qualified hospitality staff has a certificate of training. The hotel includes restaurant, 2 bars, convention hall, business center, fitness hall, billiard, Beauty studio, sauna, laundry, ironing room, free parking. The hotel has 72 luxury rooms.

The hotel policy is that we are distinguishing ourselves by the service level our prices conform to, and our central purpose is to maintain and improve position and earning power in an increasingly competitive climate.

The hotel purpose is to keep our clients loyalty providing them with high quality service and stay on the best hotel in our town.

The hotel philosophy is that hotel standards mean immaculateness, the main thing in all hospitality staff work.